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Welcome to the my first post . I am a full time working mum with 2 boys , 8 & 10 years old . I am partially Paleo , airing more on the NSNG side ( more of that later!) who loves to run , see friends , enjoy life and the occasion bag of M & M’s ….

I want to share my thoughts , idea’s , menu’s and musing’s about trying to live with this amazing lifestyle whilst keeping it real and living it in real life terms….So saddle up….Lets go !




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Snack attack…..

Nsng (no sugar no grains ) and paleo snacking is easy ! Just look at this little beauty which took 7 minutes to prepare….heaven ….3 slices of bacon and half an avacado ….

S’UP !

My new favorite hobby makes me happy …helps me chill and keeps you fit !

La vida local 

The view from my balcony is beautiful this morning , the morning sunshine is dazzling.

Spain seems to be in a grip of a healthy food epidemic judging by the teas and foods on offer…more to see and find out as we journey around together 

No grain no pain….

Last weekend l went camping with the family and some good friends. My lifestyle is based on a philosophy of eating no grains ( pasta , rice , bread and the like ) and no sugar ( white , brown, sweeter products and the like ) .

Of course there are occasions when l consume some of these items but on a whole l generally abstain and its prity easy and l don’t suffer from cravings three years on from starting out on this lifestyle.

I love the benefits it brings , more , even energy levels , better skin, better brain function …there is so much to love.

So , back to camping , a brilliant time had by all camping on Oxwich beach.  Camping and NSNG ( no sugar no grains ) and paleo are ulitmate partners in crime.

All that grilled chicken and beef kebabs….fresh salads and the occasion crisp makes for a match made in heaven…camping and no grain lifestyle is easy , see my easy check list of items that will ensure you have a truly magical time….all that sea air can make a girl hungry!

NSNG / Paleo Lifestyle Camping Shopping List 

  • Chicken , lamb and beef skewers for grilling on the BBQ
  • Chicken thighs and drumsticks for BBQ or open fire cooking on the beach
  • Bags of nuts for snacking
  • Fresh salad leave with tomatoes and feta cheese
  • Sausages , bacon and fried eggs for breakfast in the morning !
  • Fresh fruit salads to cool you down mid afternoon on the beach with slices of water melon
  • Frittata for cooking and bringing to the beach for a lunch time snack alongside salami , choirizo and scotch eggs
  • Ice cream ( its not on spec but you have to have one !)

Happy camping !

paleo glamping




No cook heaven

Paleo /no grain/ raw no cook refrigerator cake…recipe coming tomorrow …delish 

Game set and match 

Sweet treats are easy with a no sugar no grain and paleo lifestyle

You can whip this bowl of delights up in 2 minutes flat …you will need ..

Chopped strawberries and blue berries

Whipping cream or double cream whipped with a blender

Flaked almonds to drizzle on top

All that’s left to do is enjoy..

Pork and ride

How to fill the gap on a long drive which ticks both the paleo eating and NSNG (no sugar no grains ) box…hot to trott

These are a few of favorite things….

I love these babies…Thank you waitrose for stocking these handy go to snacks (no I am not endorsed by either brand ! ) it’s just practical and paleo ….❤❤❤

My girl Lollypop….(video )

Here we go with my first video for making practically paleo coco strawberry ice pops…..

Easy to make and all you need are –

450g of strawberries – hulled

1 x 400ml can of coconut milk

1/4 table spoon of vanilla extract

So easy to make ….

Click on the video to watch me make them ( with a little help from my son!) –

Whiz them all together using either a hand whisker or blender and then place in lolly molds….into the freezer and ready to enjoy in an hour !

coco straw



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